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Painting for the launch of CERN LHC

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

I was commissioned to create a piece for the launch of CERN LHC, the worlds largest Hadron collider on September 10, 2008. The purpose of this collider was to discover the smallest particles in the universe and understand the anti matter in other dimensions.

My painting represented the collision of two particles at almost the speed of light to discover the infinitely smallest particles compositing the two colliding particles.

Prime ministers and presidents from 140 countries that have financed this project were present at this event.

The painting is now hanging in the main building of directors of CERN LHC Geneva.

At this event I have not only met but also curated friendships with two noble prize winners working in this field, one of whom is George Smoot.

After this event, I was invited to participate in a very important debate at the Paris Observatory discussing the link between art and science, originally brought up by Albert Einstein for a better understanding of the universe.

Main staircase in the building of directors of CERN LHC Geneva.

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